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Suzanne Morris shares art and stories to inspire readers to follow their own creative dreams! She presents at events for schools, bookstores, libraries, conferences, and festivals. Please contact us here for availability and rates for your virtual visit.


Suzanne's entertaining programs focus on creativity, social emotional learning, early literacy, and understanding basic math concepts through art. Custom programming is available for STEAM powered sessions integrated with your curriculum objectives.


Elementary school presentations: Ideal for K-5 and tailored for all levels. 30-45 minutes include; A TRAPEZOID IS NOT A DINOSAUR read-aloud with props, Suzanne's creative process and backstory, a live interactive drawing demonstration, and Q & A.


Workshops on character and story development with prompts and templates to inspire artists and writers of all ages to create stories of their own.


Free, 15-20 minute virtual read-alouds with Q+A, Limited offering for clubs and groups with the purchase of her books from the book seller of your choice. Signed books will be available through her local independent book store.

Reserve a date or inquire about custom programming and pricing for your visit. Please include preferred date/time, platform, audience size/grade in your message.


“Immediately the children connected with Suzanne’s calm, caring personality . . . Suzanne shared personal stories with the children about her experiences as an author. Suzanne was honest and open with the children about how exciting writing could be as well as what to do when you become stumped or frustrated.  She shared drafts of her own books and spoke to the class about the editing process.  The children enjoyed listening to Suzanne’s stories and suggestions and looked forward to each visit. . . Suzanne is AMAZING!  I would highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again next year!”


—Michelle Lanks, Kindergarten Teacher

"What a wonderful visit we had from Suzanne Morris. Suzanne was so attentive during the planning process prior to her visit. She really reinforced the theme of inclusivity and making our school a welcoming and productive place for all students. The students loved the props and hearing the story directly from Suzanne. The book was so adaptable to all different grade levels. Using shapes was such a relatable way to reach young students and the puns in the book held the interest of the older students, all while driving the message that everyone is welcome and included here at school." 

— Emily Resnick, Assistant Principal (Presentations for PreK-5)

Suzanne was animated, bubbly, had a bunch of props and we had so much fun spending time with her. The Sharks love her book  A Trapezoid Is Not A Dinosaur and were excited to hear her read it.  When she got to a specific page, the kids were in awe and started to ask her how she made the artwork on that page. She paused the story, whipped out the watercolor she had created for it and began to explain the process. When she brought up that it was a collage, they had questions about that too.  She grabbed another piece of art that she had made and explained that to them as well.

Marci Johnstone,School Librarian (Skype visit with Hawaii)

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