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Paperback picturebooks A TRAPEZOID IS NOT A DINOSAUR

A Trapezoid is NOT a Dinosaur!

Now available in paperback.

All the shapes want a part in Triangle's play, Shapes in Space. Square has all the right angles, Circle is on a roll, and Star shines the brightest. Trapezoid just doesn't fit in. Isn't that some kind of dinosaur? Determined to get a part, Trapezoid acts like all the other shapes, but must discover a way to use his own unique strengths to help make the show a blast.

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 "2019 Math Books for Kids"

Trapezoid book cover


“On its surface, this is a simple story about accepting others for their differences. But it’s greatest potential is for a STEAM-powered storytime, as each shape describes how they are different. . . VERDICT  This title is ideal for curricular support. A solid addition for most collections.” 

—School Library Journal

Author interviews

For a conversation about making art, writing stories, publishing books, and sharing them with readers, please watch Author Chats with Janette: Suzanne Morrisbrought to you by the Wayne Public Library.

Read how Suzanne came up with the idea for this book in her interview with Dylan Teut

Interior art for A TRAPEZOID IS NOT A DINOSAUR - Triangle's spread
Interior art for A Trapezoid is not a Dinosaur!
Interior art for A TRAPEZOID IS NOT A DINOSAUR! "There is space for us all!"
• Entertains readers while teaching basic geometry
• Builds early literacy skills through words and images using paneled illustrations and dialogue with speech bubbles
• Sparks discussions regarding diversity and inclusion
• Stimulates empathy, debate and critical-thinking skills
• Includes questions in the back-matter to encourage further exploration of shapes in the world around us
• Helps readers to gain an understanding of the similarities and differences in shapes
• Encourages kids to use their imaginations and work together to solve problems
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